Miami Spring Break 🙌 🌴 🍣 🍡 🍧

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Few weeks ago I was lucky to travel to Miami for a little break 🙌  Have been snowed under with studying for work exams, jumped at the chance for a break with my partner in Miami! After all its so important to look after your physical and mental health when undertaking a lot of studying, thats something Ive definitely learnt over the years!  

En route we picked up a plane picnic = 3 course meal in a handy carrier = Gordon Ramsey at heathrow Plane Food  Great way to pass the time on the flight with a double munch and mmmm that tart! (top right)

Had heard a few things about Miami before going——–> beaches, pool parties and the legendary spring break! What I found was much more……………….. What first got my attention was driving along the causeway roads connecting downtown to the south beach with the endless skyline of shiny sun kissed buildings that I promise you could not see the end to.  The road paralleled the water and found driving along side jet ski’s setting the perfect scene for hitting southbeach!

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The art deco in South Beach was a pastel geometric heaven! I stopped for pancakes on the beachfront whilst watching the wind play havoc with the palm trees.  Spotted the volleyball courts with electric coral and purple netting, up against the wind sand was a winning combo!  Stopped for some snacks and beautiful Iced Coffees at Italian Bakery Rosetta


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What surprised and delighted me next was the vast choice of sushi restaurants 🍜 🍲 🍥 🍣 🍱 🍛 🍙 🍚 🍘 🍢 🍡 🍧 ! We stayed in Doral and was lucky to find one called Dragonfly just opening whilst we were there. We attended their silent opening and could not be more looked after, welcomed by the manager and had about four waiters including the chef taking us dishes throughout the night.  Would highly recommend if travelling to Miami and a sushi fan!


A slight disappointment was the Wywood Walls Art district, area of buildings with graffiti, unfortunately it was more a selfie taking area with very little scope to really check out the art……..Did like the pavement art and some of the graffiti scattered about the area.

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What a Great Spring Break! If you’ve been to Miami would love to hear what you thought and how you got on 🙌

❤@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxx

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