12 Months of Origami June


Here is June ‘s 12 Month of Origami = A little heart stand!

Only takes a few minutes to make, would be great for name cards for dinner, on its own as a little gift or as a number holder for a little toots birthday.  My little cousin in 7 tomorrow and plan to give her this as a little gift ūüôā


            Love @Rose_Bud_Annie xxxx


A Drawing Class……………………….Ruthrieston Temporary Studio

Yesterday I went to a drawing class held by the lovely Amber Robertson and Laura Reilly both local artists in Aberdeen.  The brief was come with an open mind and comfortable clothes!

My mind wasn’t sure what to expect which was part of the excitement in attending. ¬†The class took the format of following a series of instructions one by one to encourage mark marking with materials. ¬†


The calm before drawing commenced!


Mark making using charcoal

We then moved onto mark marking without materials usinglarge sheets of paper, wow was great! Really enjoyed working with the paper, folding, crunching to make different effects.




Tea Time!

The last exercise was to try and express the feeling from afternoon on paper using any of the techniques we tried throughout the afternoon, was really interesting to see what kind of materials and techniques everyone gravitated towards.  Here is my creation!


It was a lovely group, some art graduates and others with art as more of a hobby, me included who was made to feel very welcome at the class and was a great friendly creative atmosphere.  

The Ruthrieston Temporary Studio https://www.facebook.com/pages/RUTHRIESTON-TEMPORARY-STUDIO/1563986243847865?fref=ts has been set up by two local greys graduates Kirsty and Amber and aims to provide a space for development for artists in the city.  They have events on for the rest of May and hopefully continuing!  Have a peek at their Facebook page for more information, so great to have an art venue in the city for developing artists.

Some more photos of all the participants of the class’s work on Temp Studios Instagram here¬†https://instagram.com/p/2eCyZMLbNa/



12 Months of Origami – April 2015

There has been an outbreak of rabbits in my life recently. So much so I decided to make some origami ones for Aprils 12 months of Origami.


Here is the rabbit outbreak leader Mr Cookie Crumbles, my parents and good friends Rabbit.


My Origami Rabbits, they are easy – intermediate level to make


Made two little additions and all four have found a little home in the kitchen

Have you made Origami before, would love to see photos of what you’ve made.

‚ô• @Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxxx

12 Months of Growing – July + Instagram’s #WHP

Sooo yes its not July yet, but last year I decided to try grow something new each month and post on hellofromrosebudannie .Now I’m a firm believer in finishing a task all be it perhaps not to a deadline! When I moved from Manchester to Aberdeen last year my growing stopped temporarily as we settled into our new home. ¬†Now the spring is here and we have a lovely big garden Ive been keen to pick up where I left off hence starting for July.

These lettuce leaves can be grown in July so would just follow the same instructions. ¬†I recently came across seed tapes from ¬†Suttons http://www.suttons.co.uk. The seeds are pre sown into thin paper to encourage equal spacing and growth when sown into ¬†the ground. ¬†Ive also invested in a cold frame this year from Dobbies http://www.dobbies.com as moving further north the temperature and weather can vary greatly. ¬†We had snow only a few weeks ago, snow in April….. Thought the cold frame would help my little seeds.


Sutton Seed Tapes Italian Leaf Salad


Cold frame from Dobbies


Made a few small furrows in the soil and placed tape in each one, then covered with small amount of soil and water.

This weekends @Instagram hash tag project is #idrewthis and to take part need to draw something you would normally take a photo of so here is my hopes for lettuce leaves in the next coming weeks. ¬†If you have not come across Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag project before its great, each week a theme is set for capturing and uploading a photo. ¬†Then you can search using the hash tag to see everyones take on theme. ¬†¬†


Instagrams #WHPidrewthis

I’m interested to see if the seeds sown in the tapes gives a better yield and will let you know over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading! @Rose_Bud_Annie xxxx

I was not endorsed or rewarded for writing this post and all the views are my own.

March – 12 Months of Origami

The most famous Origami has to be the Crane, Orizuru.  If you make a thousand Origami Cranes Senbazuru, it is thought to bring you good luck, long life and or recovery from illness.

Ive started with one today!  Here is my Origami Crane wishing you all good health and luck in life;


Wonder if I will ever make 1000!

Do you know anyone who has? Would love to hear how they got on!

‚̧Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxx

SpectrőĒ 2015

This weekend Ive been helping out at Spectra Aberdeen, a fantastic light festival in the centre of Aberdeen in Union Terrace Gardens http://spectraaberdeen.com/. The festival was curated by Andy Brydon of curated place and brought together artists from across Europe.

The exhibition included work from 360 degree Immersion projection photographed in Iceland, AMAZE with light projected all around the maze, illumainated finger knitted blankets, Piano migrations trio with work filmed in Montrose Aberdeenshire, and one of my favourites work by a local artist Callum Kellie.

Here are some of my photos from the event, they only cover a small proportion of the festival, if you wanted to see more there is good coverage of the work on the spectra website http://spectraaberdeen.com/ and images on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/spectraaberdeen.IMG_20150215_110656

Festival Venue —-> Union Terrace Gardens Aberdeen with Amaze by Marcus Zotes in construction


Spotted some Snowdrops hiding on the edge of the gardens and managed to sneak a peek just before the festival began


Ambiguous Borders by Elisa Artesero


Finger Knitting by Steinunn Sigur√įard√≥ttir


Piano Migrations Trio by Kathy Hinde – Pink Footed Geese were filmed during their migration in Montrose Aberdeenshire and the images projected onto deconstructed pianos. ¬†Kathy constructed equipment to co-ordinate the geese’s movement to trigger the piano strings producing a unique sound with great effect!


Immersion by Andrew Brooks, sound by Jack White



Apparition by Ulf Mark Pedersen


Oversea by Callum Kellie

Was great to see so many people of all ages coming down to the festival and enjoy the works.  Hope curated place can run the festival next year as was a great event.

‚ô•Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxx

February – 12 Months of Origami

So paper folding is a lot more difficult than I first anticipated! Its amazing how the smallest angle of the fold can affect a design in the making. ¬†For February I tried to make small rectangular boxes —-> Naga Bako. ¬†Got some great origami papers as a gift which have some lovely colourful prints I used to make the box.


Origami Papers


I received a lovely message after my last post from a good friend who was also loving the elephant origami! These little toots are amazing! Hope to be making these by the end of the year. Thanks Noura for sharing xxxx


‚ô•Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxx

2015! 12 months of…………….

Happy 2015 to everyone! For the first time Ive been away most of January on a family trip which has been great! Hope all your Januarys have been not too long!

I got some great christmas and birthday presents last year, one of which was a guide to Origami. In 2015 for my new years resolution Im going to try a new Origami fold every month and post to http://www.hellofromrosebudannie.wordpress.com .

Saw some great Origami on our family trip = Origaminspiration!


Arts District Downtown Las Vegas NV

Here is my Januarys Origami, starting with the basics ———-> Mini Elephant


One of the basic folds and easy to make! If you make Origami would love to hear from you.

‚ô•Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxxx

December – 12 Months of Craft

I started 12 months of craft as a new years resolution in 2013 to try a new craft each month.  I may have got side tracked along the way, finishing the posts in Nov/Dec 2014 but Ive benefited greatly from trying new crafts and found some great crafty blogs and followers along the way!

So here it goes! For November 12 months of craft I made a Christmas Wreath.  With berries, holly, lilac flowers from our lovely winter garden in our new home, some careful thinning out of our Norman Fur and a copper sprayed foliage from Sainsburys I had all the ingredients to make my wreath!



This brings a end to my 12 months of craft! Although taking over the year its been a great project and opened by eyes to more creative ways of thinking. ¬†Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas holidays and eats lots and lots, I can’t wait!¬†