Miami Spring Break 🙌 🌴 🍣 🍡 🍧

ABM_1461357837-1 Screenshot_2016-03-30-17-55-32_1 Screenshot_2016-03-31-11-34-55_1

Few weeks ago I was lucky to travel to Miami for a little break 🙌  Have been snowed under with studying for work exams, jumped at the chance for a break with my partner in Miami! After all its so important to look after your physical and mental health when undertaking a lot of studying, thats something Ive definitely learnt over the years!  

En route we picked up a plane picnic = 3 course meal in a handy carrier = Gordon Ramsey at heathrow Plane Food  Great way to pass the time on the flight with a double munch and mmmm that tart! (top right)

Had heard a few things about Miami before going——–> beaches, pool parties and the legendary spring break! What I found was much more……………….. What first got my attention was driving along the causeway roads connecting downtown to the south beach with the endless skyline of shiny sun kissed buildings that I promise you could not see the end to.  The road paralleled the water and found driving along side jet ski’s setting the perfect scene for hitting southbeach!

Screenshot_2016-03-30-17-13-00_1 Screenshot_2016-03-28-22-15-28_1


The art deco in South Beach was a pastel geometric heaven! I stopped for pancakes on the beachfront whilst watching the wind play havoc with the palm trees.  Spotted the volleyball courts with electric coral and purple netting, up against the wind sand was a winning combo!  Stopped for some snacks and beautiful Iced Coffees at Italian Bakery Rosetta


   Screenshot_2016-03-30-17-12-07_1-2  Screenshot_2016-03-30-17-00-04_1        Screenshot_2016-03-27-16-25-27_1     Screenshot_2016-03-30-17-09-35_1_1     

What surprised and delighted me next was the vast choice of sushi restaurants 🍜 🍲 🍥 🍣 🍱 🍛 🍙 🍚 🍘 🍢 🍡 🍧 ! We stayed in Doral and was lucky to find one called Dragonfly just opening whilst we were there. We attended their silent opening and could not be more looked after, welcomed by the manager and had about four waiters including the chef taking us dishes throughout the night.  Would highly recommend if travelling to Miami and a sushi fan!


A slight disappointment was the Wywood Walls Art district, area of buildings with graffiti, unfortunately it was more a selfie taking area with very little scope to really check out the art……..Did like the pavement art and some of the graffiti scattered about the area.

 Screenshot_2016-03-28-16-42-25_1  Screenshot_2016-03-28-16-43-11_1

What a Great Spring Break! If you’ve been to Miami would love to hear what you thought and how you got on 🙌

❤@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxx

 All my opinions are my own and I have not been endorsed in any way to write this post.


Popping our D.I.Y Cherry!

Been looking forward to sharing with you our new front room! Last year we were so lucky to buy our first house = finally being able to decorate and make structural changes after years of living in rented accommodation.  As I love crafting, art, baking knew transitioning into interior design and D.I.Y would be a natural progress.

My partner is a dab hand with tools of any sort and did a lot of the restoration work, whilst I followed with paint work and design.  We went for a scandi take on traditional granite victorian housing in Aberdeen.  

Here is the before and afters! 



We sanded all the wooden skirtons, dado rail and fireplace then painted white.  The cornicing was all painted white with two coats, was the toughest job! Log burner and aclove shelving units designed by me and installed by a professional.  We uplifted the carpet, sanded the original floor boards and then painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  


Installed the long shelf above the sofa and filled with various prints. The Walls were left with their original wall paper on and painted over with dulux paints, we had great service from the Dulux decorating centre in Aberdeen, if anyone is thinking of adding some new colour to a room 🙂

Screenshot_2016-02-04-17-29-14_1 aScreenshot_2016-02-04-15-18-25_1

Danish wooden vintage sofa                      Charles eames Chair (Man Corner!)

Screenshot_2016-02-04-15-13-48_1 Screenshot_2016-02-04-15-17-46_1

Prints from Oil and Glass Aberdeen, Curated Stories Aberdeen and Berlin     Clock by Leff, Jars from boconcept, wooden letters from hobby craft   

Screenshot_2016-02-04-15-16-47_1 Screenshot_2016-02-04-17-28-55_1 

Home by Zara Home+ Wire basket by Ferm Living  Ferm living and Bloomingville cushions


 Sooo happy with the end result ! Bathroom next!

Would love to hear about your DIY adventures.

♥@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxxx


**Disclosure** I was not endorsed in any way by writing this post by the brands mentioned above and all opinions are my own.x

Why is Failure associated with so many negative connotations?

This is the first truly personal post I have written for Hellofromrosebudannie.  Hope it translates my intentions of sharing an experience with the hope to help others in a similar situation.

Recently I failed an important work exam.  With making it through university with straight passes and securing a training job without difficultly this is the first stumbling block in my career.  When I logged in to see my results and saw the F A I L (yes it was all in capitals :() )I was distraught.  It s a horrible feeling knowing something you have done has been judged not to be good enough.

What to come next I did not expect. I found my confidence in every day life and work decreasing and my questioning of my actions, choices and decisions increasing! 

Whats the best thing to do when you encounter something in life that doesn’t sit well………………….Go hunting on Pinterest for quotes to help 🙂

I found comfort and warmth in these beauties of quotes!



Along with a little bit of time, positive thinking I started to feel better about the situation and viewed it as a opportunity to learn more.  I wondered if by the results column it read “almost there but a little more to learn” or “almost there” I would have felt different due to all the negative connotations of “F A I L” 

If you are being judged to be failing at work, relationships, health or finances I encourage you to look at it another way of just almost being there. You can do it! And you have learnt much more about yourself and character in going via this path that a straight forward track.  I’ve heard and now feel a lot of great things coming from failure and wish you all the best in finding these opportunities amongst the dark!.

I’ve been working a lot harder and re sat my exam last week fingers crossed, should hear in the next few weeks. 



July – 12 Months of Origami

July has been a tough month at work, with taking on more responsilbilty I’ve found myself searching for strength to take on new challenges.  For July’s 12 months of Origami have therefore picked an animal that is strong in character to make!

The bear has been the most technical I’ve tried so far, took about 30minutes to make, here she is………………..


Now to find her a new home, I think a place on my desk would be Ideal 🙂

@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxx

12 Months of Origami June


Here is June ‘s 12 Month of Origami = A little heart stand!

Only takes a few minutes to make, would be great for name cards for dinner, on its own as a little gift or as a number holder for a little toots birthday.  My little cousin in 7 tomorrow and plan to give her this as a little gift 🙂


            Love @Rose_Bud_Annie xxxx

12 Months of Origami – April 2015

There has been an outbreak of rabbits in my life recently. So much so I decided to make some origami ones for Aprils 12 months of Origami.


Here is the rabbit outbreak leader Mr Cookie Crumbles, my parents and good friends Rabbit.


My Origami Rabbits, they are easy – intermediate level to make


Made two little additions and all four have found a little home in the kitchen

Have you made Origami before, would love to see photos of what you’ve made.

♥ @Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxxx

Autumn Walks and UK Blog Awards 2015!


 Last month I was nominated for a UK Blog Award @UKblogawards in the lifestyle category. Ahhhh was really delighted when the email came through.  I blog for enjoyment and as a hobby and found it a huge compliment that someone nominated me, thank you to the lovely who did!

Hellofromrosebudannie is a lifestyle blog where I love sharing my adventures, craft, gardening and baking projects.  Please feel free to have a peek round using the tabs at the top of the page, make yourself at home! Hellofromrosebudannie started as a news years resolution to try a new craft each month in 2013 and March’s craft was using wordpress to create a blog layout and design for hellofromrosebudannie! xxx

Each post uses colourful photographs to share parts of my life I love and enjoy sharing with others. The present is called present for a reason and I like sharing what makes every day life special.

For todays post I wanted to combine my stunning autumn walk at Duthie Park in Aberdeen today with some thoughts I had today about the UK Blog Awards.



For my Nomination!


If you read or have stumbled across it today and would like to vote for me that would be great! You can vote here If not no worries, thank you for stopping by and hope to see you here again 🙂

@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxxx

Glasgow Adventures!

Last weekend we headed down to Glasgow for a little get away. Got some great food tips from @glasgowscran , thank you! Stayed at lovely Park Inn Radisson @ParkInnGlasgow, fitted in a exciting visit to @Boconceptuk, had an innnnsane amount of tapas for dinner, visited GOMA @GlasgowGOMA followed by burgers @breadmeatsbread and finished with seeing Billy Connolly, not bad for a weekend.


Weekend away wouldn’t be the same without road trip snacks!


Was my first visit to @BoConceptUK, wow what a lovely store.  Amazing comfy stylish sofas, rugs, practical tables, that fabric wall with some of the softest leathers and fabrics I have ever met and lovely customer service. Heard from twitter they are planning a store in Aberdeen in Spring next year, What a treat!


Glasgow window Art ♥ Noodles


Our lovely city view @ParkInnGlasgow and with the clocks going back meant an extra hour or tea drinking and relaxing in our room.


Mirrors at GOMA


Cardboard places of worship Exhibition @GlasgowGOMA



Cant wait for next adventure away!



Bright Colours After Hours at Aberdeen Art Gallery

Last friday night I popped along to Aberdeen Art Gallery @AbdnArtMuseums for the closing of Kaffe Fassett exhibition.  There were bright colours everywhere and the gallery looked great with the soft colour lighting.  Add the music from blackledge falling, drinks from @Bosn_Bar and lots of crafty things to try = recipe for a good night!

IMG_20141002_183501-2 copy

 The Aberdeen library and theatre was looking great on my way to the Art Gallery

IMG_20140926_221913 The stunning Aberdeen Art Gallery, getting its colour on!

IMG_20140926_221734The closing party had crafts to try and some maker stalls in the gallery space within the exhibition which was great as Id not managed to see the exhibition up to the closing day.

               IMG_20140926_222129           IMG_20140926_222110         IMG_20140926_222044

 Made a lovely origami envelope and popped a note describing anything colourful Id seen that night.  Then the note was placed near where I saw the colour with notice this on the envelope!  The volunteers who were all super helpful mentioned the notes would remain in the gallery for a couple of weeks, so if you go for a visit keep an eye out for them.

IMG_20140926_222737 Kaffee Fassett’s colourful work

IMG_20140926_222410Lovely laser cut wooden jewellery from Dear George .Couldn’t resist giving a little necklace a new home!

IMG_20140926_221300Learning to finger knit = Incredibly easy with great results!


Button making


Colour manifesto! Board to say how you will make your life more colourful after the event, beside the board was information about letting your self go and not worrying what others will think.  For some reason to have a pink nose popped up in my head and so on the board it went!

Hahahaha and as true to my word been rocking out my pink nose tonight at home!

IMG_20141006_190659 copy

Thanks to all the lovely volunteers who were kind and helpful showing me all the crafts and @Aberdeenartmuseums for hosting touch a fun event. Ive heard there be more after-hours events in the future, look forward to hearing about them!

♥Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxx

Chow for now MCR!xxx

Hello! Ahh so a couple of months ago I made some of the biggest decisions I have made in my adult life. To Move from the lovely MCR to Scotland and go back to full time work. Its been a stressful few months deciding and moving to my new home, but cannot wait to get settled and start discovering Aberdeen.

The last 4 years living in MCR have been my best and excited to share some of my favourite places and photos of/in MCR with you.  I’m not saying bye as I will be back to visit but Manchester I will miss you! Ive felt really sad and happy in writing this post and bringing all my favourite photos together reminds me of what a great place Manchester is! Hope you enjoy the photos xxx




Mr Scruff Band on The Wall


Nexus Art Cafe




Friday Food Fight




Curry Mile

I’m moving North to be closer to family and Bertie and looking forward to sharing with you a post about discovering Aberdeen! Going full time was my only option to move, although it wasn’t ideal Im hoping to keep making, baking and blogging whilst working full time.  I wonder if a lot of bloggers work full time and blog? If your a blogger with another job would love to hear how you get on.

Chow for Now Manchester! xx

♥ @Rose_Bud_Annie