12 Months of Growing – July + Instagram’s #WHP

Sooo yes its not July yet, but last year I decided to try grow something new each month and post on hellofromrosebudannie .Now I’m a firm believer in finishing a task all be it perhaps not to a deadline! When I moved from Manchester to Aberdeen last year my growing stopped temporarily as we settled into our new home.  Now the spring is here and we have a lovely big garden Ive been keen to pick up where I left off hence starting for July.

These lettuce leaves can be grown in July so would just follow the same instructions.  I recently came across seed tapes from  Suttons http://www.suttons.co.uk. The seeds are pre sown into thin paper to encourage equal spacing and growth when sown into  the ground.  Ive also invested in a cold frame this year from Dobbies http://www.dobbies.com as moving further north the temperature and weather can vary greatly.  We had snow only a few weeks ago, snow in April….. Thought the cold frame would help my little seeds.


Sutton Seed Tapes Italian Leaf Salad


Cold frame from Dobbies


Made a few small furrows in the soil and placed tape in each one, then covered with small amount of soil and water.

This weekends @Instagram hash tag project is #idrewthis and to take part need to draw something you would normally take a photo of so here is my hopes for lettuce leaves in the next coming weeks.  If you have not come across Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag project before its great, each week a theme is set for capturing and uploading a photo.  Then you can search using the hash tag to see everyones take on theme.   


Instagrams #WHPidrewthis

I’m interested to see if the seeds sown in the tapes gives a better yield and will let you know over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading! @Rose_Bud_Annie xxxx

I was not endorsed or rewarded for writing this post and all the views are my own.


12 Months of Growing – June – Broccoli

Mmmm Broccoli boiled, fried, steamed is delicious and something I eat weekly.  Would be lovely to grow my own and for June decided to give it a go! Here are some photos and updates from January Lettuce Leaves.


Broccoli from my local garden centre


Veg crate filled with compost and watered


Ive been keen to try organic food for growing veg and discovered bonemeal which has been scattered on top and pressed into compost with a fork.  I then rewatered the compost and then sowed the seeds 13mm deep 4 cm apart.


Now comes the wait!  Would love the broccoli to grow well, if it does would love to plant out a large plot next year. Mmmmmmm broccoli and stilton soup would be delicious to make.

In January I tried to grow Lettuce Leaves.  After a few attempts there was some growth that I was pleased to find resembled lettuce.


Yaaaaaaaaaay! Really happy that they managed to grow.

Here is my first dish with lettuce leaves from my garden! Bertie cooked some lovely chicken which we added to goats cheese salad.


The chill and garlic planted in Feburary and March is looking good and excited to share with you in the future once they are ready!  Be lovely to hear if you are gardening this year and how your getting on ♥ RoseBudAnnie .


12 Months of Growing – May – Lavender


Stunning French Lavender spotted at the garden centre last saturday

I love the idea of growing lavender at home, so many uses and love the stunning purple colour.  I hope to use to make homemade pop as a treat , lavender lemonade, baked goods and also for making soaps.  When I researched the type of lavender seeds I purchased I found out they are not edible, despite them claiming to be on the packet 😦 If anyone has any advice reading this would be great to hear.  Will purchase a packet of edible lavender to grow soon!


My Munstead strain Seeds for planting


Seedling tray filled with seed compost


Small black lavender seeds


Lavender sowed and covered with 0.5cm of compost as per packet instructions, covered with propagator lid and popped on the window sill.  Will sit there cosy for 21-49 days when hope to see some seelings appear.

So happy to share with you this next photo! A progress of my growing so far in 2014!


Fingers crossed my lettuce, chill, garlic, radish and now lavender continue to grow! Thank you for everyone on twitter who has provided feedback and helped with my aim to learn to grow.  If anyone is thinking of growing its really easy and would love to hear your adventures! xxxxxxxxx

12 Months of Growing – April – Radish!

Hello! Yaay really enjoying my 12 months of growing this year, and for April Ive been inspired to try some radishes!

My mum told me that she remembered her dad, my granda growing radishes when she was little.  I wasn’t aware there was another keen grower in the family.  When I  heard my mums story I instantly remembered my granda having a field of what I thought was dirt with weird things in the ground, which turned out to be potatoes and radishes!  Its amazing how quick a memory will pop up so vividly when previously wasn’t aware it was there.

Have really enjoyed watching The Big Allotment challenge on BBC2 Tuesday nights 8pm, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01wjhcx.  Have you been watching?  I’m really enjoying the first part where team grow a fruit or vegetable and present them for judging!  Radishes were featured last week and along with hearing and memories of my granda, radishes were definitely added my growing list.


I prepared a wooden vegetable crate similar to for the Garlic I planted in March.  Radish Amethyst from Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, http://www.kew.org/ lovely gardens in London. Not visited myself but the gardens look stunning, hope to pencil in a vista next time Im in London!  Seeds available from Thomson & Morgan http://www.thompson-morgan.com/.

I made extra drainage holes and filled the crate with multipurpose compost.


The radish seeds!


I sowed them according to the packet instructions, 1/2 inch deep, 1+1/2 inches apart.  As the rain was bucketing it down yesterday, I popped the radishes out of shelter to get some rainwater and then back under shelter.


Growing crate ready to go! Resting on another crate to create raised drainage.

Here a some update pictures of Feburary- Chili and March- Garlic! Very excited that the garlic has showed some growth and 2 of the 25 chill seeds making progress.  If any gardeners are reading this and have any tips I would really appreciate any help! Thanks for reading and hope your gardens are showing progress too!  If your not a gardener and fancy trying, let me know would love to hear how you get on!xxxxx





This post is dedicated to my lovely Granda.  Would have loved to spend some time with him in his garden, I think i will quiz my mum and my grandma for more stories!


March – 12 Months of Growing – Garlic

For March Ive picked Garlic, something I use plenty of in cooking and would be great to my own supply from the garden.  Picked up a garlic bulb from one of my local garden centres http://www.glossopgardencentre.com and went for Solent Wight described as having a strong flavour. Mmmmmmm Love Garlic!

IMG_20140409_204913 IMG_20140409_203352

Separated the garlic into cloves, there was mixed advice online about keeping the thin skin on the cloves so Ive planted half with and half without.


Ive heard that Garlic likes free drainage so added some extra to my growing crate.


Planted cloves 4cm deep and 10cm apart and sat on a raised bed on my patio.  Will let you know how these go!  If anyone has grown lots of garlic before and has any advice would love to hear from you.

Here is a little update of my Chilli seeds from February, out of 24 seeds 3 sprouted!  Here are two of the chilli survivors.  Ive moved these to a small pot and looking to get out in the garden soon.


Wishing all the gardeners reading this post a happy spring and for some good times in the garden. So lovely to see the sun more!


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Feburary – 12 months of growing – Chilli

For February I picked chilli to try grow.

image        Chilli seeds, new propagtor, multipurpose compost image     Seeds sown in 2cm of compost, then covered with 4mm of compost.  Placed on windowsill and watered daily.

Only sown a couple of days ago, patiently awaiting any sign of life 🙂 Unfortunately my January lettuce seeds didnt pull through 😦 Here is my late February, early March reattempt. Hoping what I learnt from twitter will help these little seeds grow. image

  Updates soon!xxxx

12 Months of Growing – January Lettuce Seeds

My new years resolution for 2014 is to try grow a new vegetable, flower, herb each month from seeds. Im a little late in posting due to sowing in late January.

 Always have struggled with keeping plants so perfect resolution to try something new each month and as a foodie the thought of using my own vegetables, flowers and herbs from the garden is very exciting!

For January I picked lettuce leaf salad.

IMG_20140209_153335Seeds 89p from Aldi, marketed as easy to grow!

The instructions  advise to sow from March but with my reading online it appeared that Seeds can be sowed inside on windowsill and then transferred outside.  I don’t have much gardening supplies at home so picked an old shoe box and made some drainage holes, then filled with multi compost, and sowed seeds thinly.

Another tip I found online was to use a glass sheet to cover seeds to help keep the temperature up.

IMG_20140209_153124My Seeds new home 🙂 On my front windowsill

I’ve watered the seeds almost every day and from top and bottom.  I read if you water from top all the time the soil becomes compact and prevents growth.  When luckily enough for the sun to shine, I popped the seeds outside for some fresh air!

IMG_20140202_220202My lettuce leaf seeds hanging outside, can see water rising marks from where the seeds have been watered from bottom up.

Then after 6 days = Germination.  I was so excited to see the little shoots popping up from the soil to say hello!

IMG_20140209_164111  My lettuce leaf salad shoots

Once these popped up, I asked twitter for some advice as not sure what to do with them next. I love twitter, amazing to have lots of experts on hand to help, and help they did 🙂 Some feedback was that the shoots had grown too tall and leggy which happens if they don’t have enough sunlight and a little too warm. Other feedback was to keep warm for now and plant out in sunnier days and they should be okay.  I’m going to try the latter and persist and see what happens and also try to grow more March/April time outside 🙂

Thanks to @gardeningexpress , @eoin_mcguigan , @big_big_show and @GYOshow for your advice.

So looking back these should really be sown in March/ April, but I’m glad I tried as My lesson learnt was to stick to instructions on seed packets and try not to cut corners! Looking forward to all my future growing adventures and gaining more knowledge along the way.

Have my fingers crossed that these little tall shoots make it!