♥ Ottolenghi Flourless Chocolate Cake – First Bake 2014!xx

Omg this cake is only for those with a strong desire for chocolate! Its intense,only 4 main ingredients and little mess ! Flourless cakes have been around for a while, Im not quite sure why Ive not baked any yet but soooo glad decided to give it a go! Only took 10-15 minutes to prepare, was prefect to make on New Years Day.  Im in Love!

IMG_20140101_2215295 Large Eggs, 260g 70% Chocolate, 290g dark muscovado sugar, 260g unsalted butter


Break Chocolate up.  Add butter cut into cubes.  Bring sugar and 4 tablespoons water to boil then add to chocolate butter.



Separate eggs. Add yolks 1 by 1 to chocolate mix.  Let cool.  Whisk egg whites to stiff peaks.  Once chocolate cool fold in egg whites.

IMG_20140101_221718Butter 9inch springform tin.  Bake 2/3 of mixture for 40 minutes at 150 fan.  Let cool.  Add last 1/3 mixture to cooled cake and bake 20-25 minutes.

Ahhhhh I keep going back for more!

Happy baking if you decide to try at home!



Rhubarb and Custard Teacake xxx

  Rhubarb and Custard Tea Cake

Rhubarb and Custard Tea Cake

This is a stunning tasting cake and lovely to make, I especially liked the pattern of rhubarb on the cake before baking.
The original recipe was from another blog, I would love to take the credit but unfortunately not!  Its a lovely blog and The URL is http://eatlittlebird.com/2012/03/24/rhubarb-custard-tea-cake/ and original recipe in The Cake Stall by Australian Women’s Weekly .
I love to summarise my recipes and keep them as simple as possible ! Baking can be for everyone the secret is to be organised 🙂
smeg                   IMG_2292          IMAG2405IMAG2404
240g butter room temp                          165g caster sugar                              4 fresh rhubarb stalks
2 eggs at room temp                                185g plain flour                                2 teaspoons vanilla extract
250ml milk                                               2 teaspoons baking powder           60g Custard Powder
                                                                     4 teaspoon granulated sugar
Okay once you have measured all your ingredients its time to bake!
Custard = Mix 20g custard powder + 55g caster sugar + whisk in milk + bring to boil
When starts to thicken take off heat + 20g butter + 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
The custard should be thick and will thicken more on cooling
Cover with cling film directly onto top of custard to prevent skin forming + leave to cool
Preheat oven 180 degrees
Cream rest of butter + caster sugar
Beat 1 egg at a time + tablespoon of flour = ingedients come together
+ custard powder + baking powder + remaining flour + mix well = thick batter but should be spreadable
Line 20cm / 8inch cake tin
Spread half batter in cake tin + custard
+ remaining cake batter and spread evenly
Chop rhubarb to 10 cm lengths and 1 cm thick
Arrange like ⇊
Brush top with melted butter + sprinkle with granulated sugar
Bake 90 mins
Remove cake from tin + cool on wire rack
And enjoy 🙂
If you have any questions about the bake just get it touch!
I took this one into work, and it didn’t last long 🙂 xxx