Kings Landing Adventures!

This year I planned a trip to Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia with six of my friends. Wow what a holiday, was spoilt for company, scenery, food, cocktails, laughing and the sun! We went as we are all having a big birthday this year and after the holiday I am definitely happy about getting older if these are the treats and adventures we inherit!

Here a selection of photos from our trip!


This photo at Soundwave Croatia a festival in tisno sums my whole trip =  so excited I could pop!


Sushi at Poklisar Dubrovnik = beautiful Sashimi and Maki!


Amber on the stunning island of Hvar!


Dinner in Split my beautiful ladies, our friend Fiona met us from Singapore ahhh not seen her in soo long, so great to spend time all together!xx


 Jana water with each bottle having its own motivational quote = “The key to creativity is knowing that my thinking creates my experience.  I use this key in every area of my life” Agreed!


Streets of Kings Landing ( Game of thrones) = Dubronik! 


Kings landing 


Sunset over Fort Bokar Dubrovnik


Behind me is the scene on game of thrones were stanus attacks kings landing! too excitied!


Revelin club in Dubrovnik = A club within the old city walls = yes within the old city walls Aaaaamazing!


Boat Party at Soundwave Croatia



Laura at Split beach


Soundwave at night!


Soundwave Tisno


Seaplane to Hvar


Dinner Split Old Town Mmmmmm the fresh fish was beautiful


Split old town 


En route on our travels!  

Have you visited croatia before? Was so impressed! Would recommend an adventure there if you not been before! Whilst in Split we stayed with a couple called Emil and Dragana found their apartment on air bnb, could not have asked for better hosts and if your looking for a place to stay in Split would recommend =

For our transport to and from soundwave festival we booked through Tom at, had a great service and would use again 🙂

Let me know if your planning a trip if I can help in any way!

Love summer adventures!

@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxx


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