Blogger Loveliness at Brunch

On Saturday the lovely Karen @tinybirdheart organised a brunch for local Aberdeen bloggers @ryeandsoda . What a great brunch thanks so much Karen for organising, great to meet other local bloggers 🙂

Wanted to introduce you all to them as some fab blogs varying from lifestyle, travel, fitness, beauty and foodie all being written in Aberdeen!

Untitled 2

All the lovely faces behind the words!

From left to right we have Laura over atIMG_20150614_215623  A 20-something Scot blogging photos, food, mental health, music, occasional travel & anything else that life throws up.

Next up is myself 🙂 @Rose_Bud_Annie 

On my left is the lovely Sarah @sarahrooftops over at IMG_20150614_215654 Telling stories with words and pictures, Sarah has recently become a mum 🙂 Huuuuge congratulations on becoming a mummy 🙂 OmmmmmG Sarah had the best looking chocolate and banana pancakes for brunch huuuge food envy, my mind is already thinking of another trip to @ryeandsoda to try!

IMAG1479_1 Across From Sarah is Amy @amyjaney Fashion/Beauty Blogger & Youtuber. Tea Drinker. Vintage lover. Usually found in the Gym.


Then its Karen @tinybirdheart blogging at IMG_20150614_215749, crafter and vintage lover with a penchant for geekery, nostalgia, movies, Blythe dolls, cooking & all sorts of adventures. Karen has also just become a mumma! Congratulations!

Sitting beside Karen was Christy IMG_20150614_215810@xchristybx A health conscious 20-something blogging about life, breakfast & cocktails (Sometimes together!) over at loving Christy recent food posts about a recent trip to London!

Last but not least was Anastasia @natbeesfashion over at IMG_20150614_215840 Style & Travel Blogger in Scotland who loves marmite on toast // Scottish Blogs UK Top 10 / Ahhh Anastasia’s natbeesfashion just wants me to pack my suitcase and get on holiday ASAP!

Always great to find new blogs to follow, and hope you have found some more today too! 


Blogger selfie! @sarahrooftops @ameyjaney @tinybirdheart and me 🙂


Thanks @ryeandsoda for having us, already planing my trip back for those pancakes with banana and chocolate!

Couldn’t help but share this little seagull I found on my way home hahahahahaha convinced that seagulls secretly rule Aberdeen!  Now they invading the art scene hahahah!


Thanks for reading and visiting 🙂

I was not endorsed or rewarded in any way by @ryeandsoda or any of the bloggers for writing this post and all the views are my own.

♥Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxxxx


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