A Drawing Class……………………….Ruthrieston Temporary Studio

Yesterday I went to a drawing class held by the lovely Amber Robertson and Laura Reilly both local artists in Aberdeen.  The brief was come with an open mind and comfortable clothes!

My mind wasn’t sure what to expect which was part of the excitement in attending.  The class took the format of following a series of instructions one by one to encourage mark marking with materials.  


The calm before drawing commenced!


Mark making using charcoal

We then moved onto mark marking without materials usinglarge sheets of paper, wow was great! Really enjoyed working with the paper, folding, crunching to make different effects.




Tea Time!

The last exercise was to try and express the feeling from afternoon on paper using any of the techniques we tried throughout the afternoon, was really interesting to see what kind of materials and techniques everyone gravitated towards.  Here is my creation!


It was a lovely group, some art graduates and others with art as more of a hobby, me included who was made to feel very welcome at the class and was a great friendly creative atmosphere.  

The Ruthrieston Temporary Studio https://www.facebook.com/pages/RUTHRIESTON-TEMPORARY-STUDIO/1563986243847865?fref=ts has been set up by two local greys graduates Kirsty and Amber and aims to provide a space for development for artists in the city.  They have events on for the rest of May and hopefully continuing!  Have a peek at their Facebook page for more information, so great to have an art venue in the city for developing artists.

Some more photos of all the participants of the class’s work on Temp Studios Instagram here https://instagram.com/p/2eCyZMLbNa/




3 thoughts on “A Drawing Class……………………….Ruthrieston Temporary Studio

    • Aw was a great class, interesting to see how different people interpreted the same instruction, got a lovely sunny afternoon for it too! Ooo what’s wreck this journal not heard of it before ?xx

      • Ohhh! It’s a journal by Keri Smith in which each page has an instruction or statement to inspire your creativity. It ranges from things like “Write one word over & over again,” or “Add your own page numbers,” to vaguer statements like “Stain log,” or “Document time passing,” right through to actions like “Take this book in the shower with you,” or “Climb up high & drop this journal.”
        It became quite a popular thing with teens and tweens, but I found it a fun way to get creative. Might have to track it down and finish it now!

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