12 Months of Growing – July + Instagram’s #WHP

Sooo yes its not July yet, but last year I decided to try grow something new each month and post on hellofromrosebudannie .Now I’m a firm believer in finishing a task all be it perhaps not to a deadline! When I moved from Manchester to Aberdeen last year my growing stopped temporarily as we settled into our new home.  Now the spring is here and we have a lovely big garden Ive been keen to pick up where I left off hence starting for July.

These lettuce leaves can be grown in July so would just follow the same instructions.  I recently came across seed tapes from  Suttons http://www.suttons.co.uk. The seeds are pre sown into thin paper to encourage equal spacing and growth when sown into  the ground.  Ive also invested in a cold frame this year from Dobbies http://www.dobbies.com as moving further north the temperature and weather can vary greatly.  We had snow only a few weeks ago, snow in April….. Thought the cold frame would help my little seeds.


Sutton Seed Tapes Italian Leaf Salad


Cold frame from Dobbies


Made a few small furrows in the soil and placed tape in each one, then covered with small amount of soil and water.

This weekends @Instagram hash tag project is #idrewthis and to take part need to draw something you would normally take a photo of so here is my hopes for lettuce leaves in the next coming weeks.  If you have not come across Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag project before its great, each week a theme is set for capturing and uploading a photo.  Then you can search using the hash tag to see everyones take on theme.   


Instagrams #WHPidrewthis

I’m interested to see if the seeds sown in the tapes gives a better yield and will let you know over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading! @Rose_Bud_Annie xxxx

I was not endorsed or rewarded for writing this post and all the views are my own.


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