Autumn Walks and UK Blog Awards 2015!


 Last month I was nominated for a UK Blog Award @UKblogawards in the lifestyle category. Ahhhh was really delighted when the email came through.  I blog for enjoyment and as a hobby and found it a huge compliment that someone nominated me, thank you to the lovely who did!

Hellofromrosebudannie is a lifestyle blog where I love sharing my adventures, craft, gardening and baking projects.  Please feel free to have a peek round using the tabs at the top of the page, make yourself at home! Hellofromrosebudannie started as a news years resolution to try a new craft each month in 2013 and March’s craft was using wordpress to create a blog layout and design for hellofromrosebudannie! xxx

Each post uses colourful photographs to share parts of my life I love and enjoy sharing with others. The present is called present for a reason and I like sharing what makes every day life special.

For todays post I wanted to combine my stunning autumn walk at Duthie Park in Aberdeen today with some thoughts I had today about the UK Blog Awards.



For my Nomination!


If you read or have stumbled across it today and would like to vote for me that would be great! You can vote here If not no worries, thank you for stopping by and hope to see you here again 🙂

@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxxx


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