Double Dating on a Saturday

Phhowar aren’t weekends the best?! I’m readjusting to my new work+living in a new city but taking full advantage of my free weekends and being closer to my family. On Saturday Bertie and I went for a double date with my mum and dad. We had a great time here are some photos of our day minus ones with my mum as she doesn’t like photos being shared on social media.  It’s a shame as she is a cutie!


Myself and @Rose_Bud_Annie Senior  ♥


Twitter lessons = Confused faces






Loving Wagamamas new mochi illustration

After wagamama we took tour of the farmers market! What a great market, lots of local produce and discovered Cracking Cookies @Tastyfortunes.  A company baking artisan fortune cookie biscuits. Couldn’t resist buying some, tried vanilla, cinnamon and gingerbread. Mmmm They were great, and ofcourse had the treat of our fortunes. Here was Mums, Berts and Dads.



Our lovely Treats from H M Sheridan of Ballatar, The Store and Ingrams at Ellon

Ive been pleasently surprised by Aberdeen since moving back and looking forward to sharing a post with you soon about my discoveries.

Thanks Bertie, Mum and Dad for a lovely day.




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