November 2013 – 12 months of craft – Paper Fan Bunting

My new years resolution in 2013 was to try a different craft each month, the last few months of the year whipped by and then I got the gardening bug for 2014!  A little later than planned but here is my next new craft = Paper Fan bunting!


Beautiful fan bunting used to decorate our motorhome on a recent holiday!

One of my new favourite craft blogs is = beautiful photography and craft ideas! A Subtle revelry is where I found the instructions for this beautiful fan bunting and wanted to share how I made mine xxxx


Started with some sugar paper and then drew Polka with marker on both sides




I then cut the larger piece into smaller squares and then folded each square accordion style!



Next folded the accordion paper in half and attachted the two centres

Lastly just made small holes in the top of the fan and threaded through some fine thread and fan bunting was ready!


Thanks A Subtle Revelry @asubtlereverly for sharing such lovely bunting!

Would love to hear if you have made paper bunting at home and how you got on.

 @Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxxx


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