Chow for now MCR!xxx

Hello! Ahh so a couple of months ago I made some of the biggest decisions I have made in my adult life. To Move from the lovely MCR to Scotland and go back to full time work. Its been a stressful few months deciding and moving to my new home, but cannot wait to get settled and start discovering Aberdeen.

The last 4 years living in MCR have been my best and excited to share some of my favourite places and photos of/in MCR with you.  I’m not saying bye as I will be back to visit but Manchester I will miss you! Ive felt really sad and happy in writing this post and bringing all my favourite photos together reminds me of what a great place Manchester is! Hope you enjoy the photos xxx




Mr Scruff Band on The Wall


Nexus Art Cafe




Friday Food Fight




Curry Mile

I’m moving North to be closer to family and Bertie and looking forward to sharing with you a post about discovering Aberdeen! Going full time was my only option to move, although it wasn’t ideal Im hoping to keep making, baking and blogging whilst working full time.  I wonder if a lot of bloggers work full time and blog? If your a blogger with another job would love to hear how you get on.

Chow for Now Manchester! xx

♥ @Rose_Bud_Annie



10 thoughts on “Chow for now MCR!xxx

  1. I have a job and blog. I don’t think most of us can afford part time these days 😦 it’s a juggle but I do a lot of my blogging in the evenings or at the weekend 🙂 x

    • Hey miss pond! Aww thank you for your comments, I agree think its just finding time in the evenings and weekends. I think you do it well as I read regularly and enjoy your posts! How is your work life going?xx

      • Work life is good! My tip is to plan a bit in advance. I write a week of fortnight ahead so I don’t have the pressure… Although you need to build posts at the start, it’s easy to schedule them 🙂

  2. So exciting!! I’m moving to Scotland this month too, it’s going to be an adventure 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on in Aberdeen. I’ll be doig my MSc in Edinburgh, so I hope I find enough time for blogging as well as studying and meeting new people. For the brief period of time this year that I was working a full time 9-5 I found blogging regularly surprisingly doable as long as I was productive when I cam home from work and resisted the lure of the sofa and the tv… xx

    • Awwww you moving to scotland too! Welcome! Edinburgh is lovely, so pretty. Aww you maybe going through similar emotions to me, so much going on with moving and settling it! Hows your prepartion for your move going? Thanks Jess I think I may end up posting less as job quite busy but even if I can do one every couple of weeks that should keep my blogging mojo topped up 🙂 I really enjoy sharing and posting. Good luck with your move and settling in! Xxx

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