♡Adventures – Glastonbury Weekend!

Ahh the build up towards the weekend of music at glastonbury was amazing.  As we arrived tuesday, and the main bands werent on till friday gave us plenty time to explore and get ready for some of our favourites!

Waaaa what a weekend! Loved the festival atmosphere, bright colours everywhere, music, food and hanging out with the lovely @ngozi_a! Here are some of my favourite photos over the weekend!


♡ing Haim and hanging with @Ngozi_a!xxxx


Ahhhh was so excitied for Interpol, one of my favourite bands! They did not disappoint ♡♡♡



wpid-img_20140707_203019.jpg       +    IMG_20140627_014848 copy

Finding a good friend is like finding a treasure!xxxxxxx

 IMG_20140713_094018 copy

Sam Smith


Ahhhhh ♡having hot shower on our motorhome! Xxxx


Woodfired venison and haggis pizza and halloumi cone with garlic sauce mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


What a view!


Sending ♡ Home!xxxx


Mud spat Wellies !xxx


Disclosure closed the weekend on the sunday, wow what a set!


Sooo sad to be leaving!

Wow what a week! Loved glastonbury! Was sad as @ngozi_a missed Lilly Allen cause of the thunder storms and timings so Lilly if by any chance you read this plllease can Ngozi come see you at a show soon!

♡ @rose.bud.annie xxxxx


2 thoughts on “♡Adventures – Glastonbury Weekend!

  1. I’m so jealous of your time in Glastonbury, it looks amazing! I would definitely have gone to see Interpol and Haim too. You look beautiful, and that halloumi cone looks delicious! xx

    • Aw Jess, so lovely of you to say those kind things! Awwww can’t tell you how much we loved Haim! Then Interpol aahh was such a good set. Mmm can’t get enough Halloumi. Have you or are you planning any festivals this year?xxx

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