♡ Adventures – Green Glastonbury


At glastonbury the green message is displayed throughout the festival.

Toilets are mainly compost ones and the bins are divided up by recycling types and painted lovely colours.


The charity water aid are present on site to raise awareness for the campaign for clean water for all by 2030.

Greenpeace have their own section which is colourfully decoarted. Its the home of aroa, steam punk polar bear that moves which is to increase awareness to save the Artic.




Ive been trying to lead a more eco friendly lifestyle at home mainly by recycling and buying local. I was interested to discover @green_traders is a group that offers awards for food traders that are acting green with their food sales. 

Along with the awards their info page on http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk has some advice for small simple changes you can make at home.  I read about selecting sustainable fish. The marine conservation society has an app which is easy to download and use. It advises on which types of fish are risk from over fishing and something I wasent aware of before. Going to use the app at home when buying fish next and will be my next small change in trying to have a more eco friendly lifestyle.

Yaaay cant wait for the music over the next few days!



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