♡ Adventures Glastonbury = Deaf Zone

Had a lovely day walking round the glastonbury site with @ngozi_a today!

Came across deaf zone @deafzone1


A group providing free sign language lessons. Never thought would get opportunity to learn a new language at glastonbury so jumped at the chance.

Paul who was deaf took our group, he was very patient with us and went through some basics. We learnt my name is, whats your name, I live, where do you live, glastonbury – waving peace sign with both hands, manchester, scotland – as if playing the bagpipe 🙂 and a few others.


Ngozi and Paul

Learnt about facial expressions and lip reading too. I found it quite difficult to coordinate my expressions when asking questions. Gave me a new
appreciation for the complexity of sign language. 

Thanks Paul and deaf zone for having us this afternoon!



2 thoughts on “♡ Adventures Glastonbury = Deaf Zone

    • Aww fab! Being able to sign a song would be good especially rudolf! best christmas song 🙂 aww its really good so much going on! Its my first time 🙂 have you bn before?xxxx

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