12 Months of Growing – June – Broccoli

Mmmm Broccoli boiled, fried, steamed is delicious and something I eat weekly.  Would be lovely to grow my own and for June decided to give it a go! Here are some photos and updates from January Lettuce Leaves.


Broccoli from my local garden centre


Veg crate filled with compost and watered


Ive been keen to try organic food for growing veg and discovered bonemeal which has been scattered on top and pressed into compost with a fork.  I then rewatered the compost and then sowed the seeds 13mm deep 4 cm apart.


Now comes the wait!  Would love the broccoli to grow well, if it does would love to plant out a large plot next year. Mmmmmmm broccoli and stilton soup would be delicious to make.

In January I tried to grow Lettuce Leaves.  After a few attempts there was some growth that I was pleased to find resembled lettuce.


Yaaaaaaaaaay! Really happy that they managed to grow.

Here is my first dish with lettuce leaves from my garden! Bertie cooked some lovely chicken which we added to goats cheese salad.


The chill and garlic planted in Feburary and March is looking good and excited to share with you in the future once they are ready!  Be lovely to hear if you are gardening this year and how your getting on ♥ RoseBudAnnie .



2 thoughts on “12 Months of Growing – June – Broccoli

  1. The lettuce from your garden looks so tasty! I’m growing some straberries and tomatoes this year. I did try to grow some chilli peppers but they didn’t survive life outside a greenhouse 😦 Broccoli would be awesome too. I love your veg crate! xx

    • Aww thanks Jess, the lettuce was lovely, have sown another batch, fingers crossed they make it! How are you strawberries and tomatos getting on? The veg crate is from local greengrocer store, lovely to pick up a couple if they have spare 🙂 xxxx

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