♥ Adventures – Cake, Bread + Chocolate at Cake and Bake show MCR

Back in April I went to the Cake and BAke show in Manchester and had a lovely day!  Favourite parts were entering the clandestine cake competition,  attending a talk from Duncan of thoughtful bread company and a chocolate masterclass with the Paul A Young.  Wanted to share some photos and inspiration I had from the day.

First the Cake competition by @clandestinecake !  The challenge was to create a tasty flavoured cake with emphasis on flavour over appearance.  I spent some time deliberating what I would bake, then remembered some expresso coated chocolate beans I had whilst out for dinner a few months ago and instantly thought of that intense coffee chocolate hit.  Thought it would make a intense tasty cake and got to trying some recipes.  I went for flourless chocolate cake with expresso Italian buttercream and expresso bean chocolate crumb.  The smell was so intense, even as writing this post the recollection of the strong flavour and smell along with my imagination makes me think there is a piece right next to me.

My Entry = Dark Chocolate Expresso Cake!


Other Cake competion entries looked stunning!


The judging!


 Unfortunelty I didn’t win the competition.  Loved taking part and would definitely recommend it.  The competion was judged by Peter Sidwell @petersidwell from Britains Best Bakery.  The experience of being at the stand whilst he tasted and judged my cake was so exciting and nerve wracking.  Was lovely to experience that feeling, reminded me of waiting for first few ever bakes to be tasted!

Next was a talk from Duncan at the thoughtful bread company @thoughfulbread


 I’m glad I booked in for this talk and as I connected with the subject and left feeling inspired. Duncan spoke of how his company was formed on the basis of sourcing local produce, product and recipe testing with his customers to create high quality produce that meet customers demand and community spirit of the thoughtful bread community.  Enjoyed hearing of how the bakery started by selling breads at a shack by a road and how this developed.  Ive loved baking since I started a few years ago, however never got strong idea of which direction Id like to go with it.  Connecting with Duncans stories along with my experience of 12 months of growing – trying to grow a new fruit or veg a month helped me see my interest in sourcing and using local produce.  As I enjoy working with people would love to work with customers to develop in demand high quality products.

My last session of the day was with my favourite chocolatier Paul A Young @paul_a_young ! Looooove Paul’s approach to chocolate making and flavour combinations.  The masterclass went through tempering chocolate at home, home made easter eggs and use of other types of chocolate moulds.  This session was right up my street! Looooove chocolate, would love to make home made chocolates and eggs as gifts from home and cannot wait to try!

Mmmmmm Chocolate!

Thanks to @cakeandbakeshow for organising, the lovely speakers and @clandestinecake for the competition I had a super day!



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