Which way to blog on……?xxxx

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 In May I attended my first Blogging event Blog On 2014!  The main take home message for me was to be yourself!

The main question for me I took home was where to blog on in the future?!

The title of this post came to me as I was playing with banagrams, which were in one of our lovely goodie bags!  As soon as I started playing with them thought “oh i know a lovely fabric that would make a lovely picture!” I was inspired by @CapturebyLucy ‘s  beautiful photos+styling tips.  Thank you Lucy for allowing us to have a play with all her lovely props on the day!


Prop play Photo from Photography sessions with @capturebylucy xxxx

Since Blog On Ive been thinking about sponsored posts and working with Brands. It was a key part of the day and as Ive not worked with any brands before or reviewed any products.  I will be honest that I have mixed feelings about it and why I wanted to write this post to 1. Come to some understanding about my feelings  2. find out views and experiences of other bloggers

If you have any views about this topic would love you to leave a comment, be grateful for your input .



In making the above I realised there were more positives to negatives.  With the negatives I thought yes If I reviewed a product that I wouldn’t normally use may come across that Im doing the post just to increase awareness for the product.  However if the product fitted in with something I was doing I think it would work.  As to my creative freedom I think I will always have that as long as its me who is writing my blog  and making the decisions.  If I didn’t receive the banagrams I wouldn’t have played that afternoon with them and created the title of my article………….I may have answered my question with that one picture?

I asked myself the question “Where to Blog on?” more than once that day! As managed to get lost from the car park to the conference room! Luckily bumped into Emma from http://farmerswifeandmummy.com/ and we figured the way out together with the help from Nadine from http://jugglemum.com/.

Thanks to Laura from http://www.tiredmummyoftwo.co.uk for organising such a fantastic day!  Blog On 2014 was held at the lovely Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.  There were three sessions throughout the day = Social Media + Photography + Creative Copy. Opening from Brad Lawless at Creative Bias and Jo from Singlemummy.com and Closing from Jenny from cheetasinmyshoes.

I designed some business cards from Moo.com = Loved them, and appreciated all the lovely cards collected on the day and bloggers I met!

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Just wanted to finish by saying my views above were only initial thoughts that ran through my head about my blog.  I don’t feel that way about other bloggers who review products and work with brands as several of my favourite blogs do, and do it really well!  I wonder if other bloggers who now work with brands had similar feelings before, be lovely to hear your experiences!

6 thoughts on “Which way to blog on……?xxxx

  1. I think if the product fits your blog or you are genuinely excited by it then writing about it won’t affect your integrity or that of your blog. My feeling Is you’re helping other people in their choices who respect the opinions of their peers rather than someone who has written a script for an advert. Go for it 🙂

    • Awww Thanks Emma, your right about being genuinely excitied about something as It comes across in your writing and I love sharing anything I feel excitied about! Thanks for your views 🙂 xxxx

  2. I am currently playing with an amazing craft product that I’ve been sent to review. Its something that fits well with what I write about anyway so think it will sit well within the natural flow of the blog.
    If the ratio is good I think it can enhance your blog and you can introduce readers to new products. If the blog is a constant stream of reviews and sponsored posts it does alienate me as a reader. If you get the balance right it can be great x

    • Hi Louisa, thanks for your comments and views 🙂 I agree with you about the ratio of unsponsored posts to sponsored ones! Looking forward to seeing your craft product you like 🙂 xxx

  3. I only started travel blogging in January but have been approached by two brands to review some items (not posted yet). One was totally relevant and the other was “a bit” but have managed to make it so it is. If I was approached by something totally random then I wouldn’t do it as it’s inconsistent and would just look like I’m selling out, I feel. Something that’s come up though is what happens when you don’t like a product. Someone I know received something crap and instead of writing a ‘bad’ post she emailed them to say she wasn’t into it and would prefer not to post at all (reason being items seemed a lot cheaper than they sell for). I would not know how to deal with that! Just go for it and see what happens 🙂

    amy | http://www.amyfrank.blogspot.com

    • Thanks Amy for sharing! I completely agree if its relevant than think it can work. And a very good point about what to do if your initial thoughts about a product aren’t confirmed once you’ve had a closer look, mmm wonder if there is any guidance available for bloggers? Had a good read of your blog! Its lovely looking forward to seeing more of your adventures xxx

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