12 Months of Growing – May – Lavender


Stunning French Lavender spotted at the garden centre last saturday

I love the idea of growing lavender at home, so many uses and love the stunning purple colour.  I hope to use to make homemade pop as a treat , lavender lemonade, baked goods and also for making soaps.  When I researched the type of lavender seeds I purchased I found out they are not edible, despite them claiming to be on the packet 😦 If anyone has any advice reading this would be great to hear.  Will purchase a packet of edible lavender to grow soon!


My Munstead strain Seeds for planting


Seedling tray filled with seed compost


Small black lavender seeds


Lavender sowed and covered with 0.5cm of compost as per packet instructions, covered with propagator lid and popped on the window sill.  Will sit there cosy for 21-49 days when hope to see some seelings appear.

So happy to share with you this next photo! A progress of my growing so far in 2014!


Fingers crossed my lettuce, chill, garlic, radish and now lavender continue to grow! Thank you for everyone on twitter who has provided feedback and helped with my aim to learn to grow.  If anyone is thinking of growing its really easy and would love to hear your adventures! xxxxxxxxx


2 thoughts on “12 Months of Growing – May – Lavender

  1. Oh I love lavender – I love it for the smell and for just how many insects and wildlife it attracts. Never actually thought about growing any from seed though – i’ll have to add that to my to grow list for whenever I get into a house and have my garden!

    • Aww so true Rachael, went to garden centre at the weekend and out of all the outdoor plants the bees were loving the lavender! Having a right good time! It photographs lovely too, going to pop up a photo of the lavender from the garden centre, hope your growing goes well, would love to hear how you get on with it if its something you go for Xxxx

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