♥ Adventures = friday food fight

Few weeks ago my good friend Laura, Bertie and I headed to Friday FOOD FiGhT! If you’ve not from MCR, Friday food fight @beatstreetmcr has been running over approx. 13 weeks at Upper Campfield Market in Deansgate and is a market with local Manchester food traders each with own stall!

Here are some photos from our night.



Boooootiful Laura


All the stalls pimped out with yummmmmmmy food!


Me and Bertie


Mmmmmmmm best food of the night for me Steak Burritos from @LuchaManchester


Saying hello to Beetham!

We drank Pomegranate Cider from @briskacider mmmmmmmmmmmm nom nom nom!  Will be planning an order for a crate very soon!

If you have a chance to go to the last one Friday 23rd MAY, go get your munch on, you won’t regret it!xxxxxxxxx


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