12 Months of Growing – April – Radish!

Hello! Yaay really enjoying my 12 months of growing this year, and for April Ive been inspired to try some radishes!

My mum told me that she remembered her dad, my granda growing radishes when she was little.  I wasn’t aware there was another keen grower in the family.  When I  heard my mums story I instantly remembered my granda having a field of what I thought was dirt with weird things in the ground, which turned out to be potatoes and radishes!  Its amazing how quick a memory will pop up so vividly when previously wasn’t aware it was there.

Have really enjoyed watching The Big Allotment challenge on BBC2 Tuesday nights 8pm, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01wjhcx.  Have you been watching?  I’m really enjoying the first part where team grow a fruit or vegetable and present them for judging!  Radishes were featured last week and along with hearing and memories of my granda, radishes were definitely added my growing list.


I prepared a wooden vegetable crate similar to for the Garlic I planted in March.  Radish Amethyst from Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, http://www.kew.org/ lovely gardens in London. Not visited myself but the gardens look stunning, hope to pencil in a vista next time Im in London!  Seeds available from Thomson & Morgan http://www.thompson-morgan.com/.

I made extra drainage holes and filled the crate with multipurpose compost.


The radish seeds!


I sowed them according to the packet instructions, 1/2 inch deep, 1+1/2 inches apart.  As the rain was bucketing it down yesterday, I popped the radishes out of shelter to get some rainwater and then back under shelter.


Growing crate ready to go! Resting on another crate to create raised drainage.

Here a some update pictures of Feburary- Chili and March- Garlic! Very excited that the garlic has showed some growth and 2 of the 25 chill seeds making progress.  If any gardeners are reading this and have any tips I would really appreciate any help! Thanks for reading and hope your gardens are showing progress too!  If your not a gardener and fancy trying, let me know would love to hear how you get on!xxxxx





This post is dedicated to my lovely Granda.  Would have loved to spend some time with him in his garden, I think i will quiz my mum and my grandma for more stories!



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