Manchester Print Fair No 7!

Yaaaay I was able to attend Manchester Print Fair this year In April. A fair with lots of lovely illustrators, makers and printers selling their work.  In addition to the fair was able to have a peep inside Sarah Hardacre ‘s studio where she demonstrated some live screen printing.  For me with no printing experience was lovely to see what its all about!  Here are some pictures from my day!


On my way I Couldn’t resist a quick look at the new graffiti on the walls outside Fred Aldous in the NQ, this one is my favourite of all the coats this wall has seen. “Reality is a cocktail of Fantasy” Micah Purnell


Artist mid flow!

2014-04-12 14.02.59_20140504225537577#1

Yaaaay after my detour made it to the fair!


The fair was at MADLAB a lovely event space within the NQ! All the stands were cozily arranged side by side which made viewing very exciting as my eyes wondered from one illustrators goodies to the next!


So many lovely items on @Caroline Dowsett stand, loved the ceramic bear painted plates and cute little brooches.


Lovely Becca Hall Illustration  Couldn’t resist taking home some boat bunting, gulliemot eggs print and a bird print!


Then onto Sarah Hardacre for a peek at printing!



Sarah was lovely, she explained the printing process and demonstrated some printing and let me have a good look around her studio.  Sarah offers classes at her studio covering screen printing and photo screen printing, can find out more information here , can’t wait to organise a class!

The prints and bunting that came home with me to brighten up my home .


Party Pants and gardening tools card by @illustratorbeth, Bird print, Gulliemot Eggs, Boat bunting by Becca Hall Illustration

 Can’t wait to pick their final homes and decorate my walls! Thanks @mcrprintfair @theprintroomMCR for organising, had a lovely day xxxxxxxxxx


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