March – 12 Months of Growing – Garlic

For March Ive picked Garlic, something I use plenty of in cooking and would be great to my own supply from the garden.  Picked up a garlic bulb from one of my local garden centres and went for Solent Wight described as having a strong flavour. Mmmmmmm Love Garlic!

IMG_20140409_204913 IMG_20140409_203352

Separated the garlic into cloves, there was mixed advice online about keeping the thin skin on the cloves so Ive planted half with and half without.


Ive heard that Garlic likes free drainage so added some extra to my growing crate.


Planted cloves 4cm deep and 10cm apart and sat on a raised bed on my patio.  Will let you know how these go!  If anyone has grown lots of garlic before and has any advice would love to hear from you.

Here is a little update of my Chilli seeds from February, out of 24 seeds 3 sprouted!  Here are two of the chilli survivors.  Ive moved these to a small pot and looking to get out in the garden soon.


Wishing all the gardeners reading this post a happy spring and for some good times in the garden. So lovely to see the sun more!



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