12 Months of Growing – January Lettuce Seeds

My new years resolution for 2014 is to try grow a new vegetable, flower, herb each month from seeds. Im a little late in posting due to sowing in late January.

 Always have struggled with keeping plants so perfect resolution to try something new each month and as a foodie the thought of using my own vegetables, flowers and herbs from the garden is very exciting!

For January I picked lettuce leaf salad.

IMG_20140209_153335Seeds 89p from Aldi, marketed as easy to grow!

The instructions  advise to sow from March but with my reading online it appeared that Seeds can be sowed inside on windowsill and then transferred outside.  I don’t have much gardening supplies at home so picked an old shoe box and made some drainage holes, then filled with multi compost, and sowed seeds thinly.

Another tip I found online was to use a glass sheet to cover seeds to help keep the temperature up.

IMG_20140209_153124My Seeds new home 🙂 On my front windowsill

I’ve watered the seeds almost every day and from top and bottom.  I read if you water from top all the time the soil becomes compact and prevents growth.  When luckily enough for the sun to shine, I popped the seeds outside for some fresh air!

IMG_20140202_220202My lettuce leaf seeds hanging outside, can see water rising marks from where the seeds have been watered from bottom up.

Then after 6 days = Germination.  I was so excited to see the little shoots popping up from the soil to say hello!

IMG_20140209_164111  My lettuce leaf salad shoots

Once these popped up, I asked twitter for some advice as not sure what to do with them next. I love twitter, amazing to have lots of experts on hand to help, and help they did 🙂 Some feedback was that the shoots had grown too tall and leggy which happens if they don’t have enough sunlight and a little too warm. Other feedback was to keep warm for now and plant out in sunnier days and they should be okay.  I’m going to try the latter and persist and see what happens and also try to grow more March/April time outside 🙂

Thanks to @gardeningexpress , @eoin_mcguigan , @big_big_show and @GYOshow for your advice.

So looking back these should really be sown in March/ April, but I’m glad I tried as My lesson learnt was to stick to instructions on seed packets and try not to cut corners! Looking forward to all my future growing adventures and gaining more knowledge along the way.

Have my fingers crossed that these little tall shoots make it!



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