♥ Adventures – The house move!

In November I moved to a lovely house! Its amazing how much things you collect over time and so glad Bertie got a van to help me move! Its my first unfurnished house so exciting picking all the new furniture and trying to up cycle wherever possible!  Got Good news in November that Bertie got a new job which means he will be spending 3 weeks in Manchester every 6 weeks! Cant wait for him to get here!

It was a super busy weekend, and now at end of December I finally feel like Im settling in!

IMG_20131123_171722The Van full ! Picked up a lovely upycled table and chairs from gumtree.


 My New Kitchen, table £40 up cycled from Gumtree, Fridge Freezer £25 for both gumtree, Microwave recycled from Mum who recently got a brand new kitchen 🙂

IMG_20140101_170850Corner of the kitchen where I can see myself spending a lot of time!


Ikea Java Lighting in Hall and Second bedroom

I’m Looking forward to picking the rest of the furniture and getting all my prints and wall pieces up!



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