♥ Adventures – Manchester food swap

Recently I attended the second Manchester food swap at Nexus Art Cafe in the NQ http://www.manchesterfoodswap.com



If you have never been or heard of one, they are amazing for foodies! You take along anything you have grown or made at home, make swap cards where you describe your item and leave space for offers then set your items out on display.  Then you have a peek and sometimes a taste of everyone else items and if you like then offer something from your table to swap.


Pre Swap Preparation

For me making and baking lots at home its easy to make a bit extra when the swap is on and come home with a variety of goodies ive never tried or not experienced making.  Its also great for trying out reciepe and flavour ideas.  Final bonus for me is that I get to have a chat with the other swappers and learn about their growing and making adventures!

The swap is run by Sam, who is lovely and welcoming if you havent attended one before and puts you at ease till you get the hang of it.  The staff at Nexus are also super helpful which all adds to the lovely experience.

So here is the details of my swap 2 sundays ago!

I swapped 4 bags of goji chicken noodle soup all you need on a flu day, cinnamon and clove bread, 3 banana breads and 1 banana cupcake for…………….

Sage plant, cherry tomatos, courgette loaf, sticky cinder toffee, 19th century curry paste, medlar jelly, lemon drizzle cake, pesto pastry pin wheels and chilli hummous.


Made lovely pasandra and madras curries, looking forward to using the Sage and medlar jelly and all the cakes and treats got me through a week of night shifts at work 🙂

Wondering what to make for the next swap!


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