♥ Adventures – Supper Club at Wendy’s House

Cosy friday night dinner with friends and making new ones!

Vegetarian Supper Club at Wendys House

 I found out about Wendy’s house wendyshousesupperclub.co.uk from Twitter and as soon as I seen her four course vegetarian night I got in touch with my two best veggie friends Ngozi and Laura and arranged to visit.

Wendy was attentive with gathering information before the night and able to accommodate our allergies and strong dislikes – 4 between us so not an easy group to cater for.

As I stood at the door  I noticed Wendys house logo   just to the left of the doorframe which settled me as I always wonder if I have the right house when going somewhere Ive never visited before!

I was greeted with a smile by a very smartly dressed waiter and Wendy who popped through from the kitchen to greet me. Kir royales with polenta chips and dip were served before taking a seat and getting to know the other guests.


Lovely crispy Polenta Chips

The table was set with attention to detail with lovely candles in tea china cups, and cutterly and wine glasses all evenly spaced around the table .


I was sitting next to Laura and Ngozi and got to gossip a little 🙂 There were 7 guests in total and there was a range of personalities and varied professionals all which provided for interesting conversation over dinner.  Its so refreshing to meet kind people that share experiences and stories from their lives.  I feel the supper club environment provides this exchange or we were just lucky!



Beetroot salad with lovage, radish and creme fraiche

This dish was delicious, the colours and textures of the 4 different beetroots were lovely.



Pattpan squash stuffed with leek and cheese with roasted cauliflower, green beans and a red wine reduction

The Pattpan squash was soft and I enjoyed the filling.  The dish was dressed with a red wine reduction which was lovely tasting and a smooth consistency.

For the meal we provided our own drinks which was a bonus for most of the guests.  For me it meant I could take my Pepsi Max to enjoy for everyone else at the table it was a treat to be able to pair the wines for the meal in advance.



Stunning Golden Cross ashed goats cheese, red onion marmalade and crisp bread



Little almond cake, baked fig, natural yoghurt and Chorlton honey

For the dessert course I managed to sneak into the kitchen to get a peek of Wendy at work, Wendy was delicately finishing plating the desserts which looked stunning!  I had varied version due to almond allergy so couldn’t taste the cake, despite the other dinners trying to fob me off that I wasn’t missing much it was visible that they were all enjoying the almond cake. The baked fig was lovely and for me the Chorlton honey was delicious!

Next we were given a wide range of choices of teas, coffees and herbal teas and again our waiter was very accommodating to everyones personal taste.  All served with truffles or a lemon drizzle cake = 🙂

During our teas and coffees Wendy came to the table and sincerely answered any of our questions.  It was lovely to be able to chat to the Wendy  to pay compliments directly and get some insight into motivations for starting the supper club.

Just as we were getting ready to get off home with out happy bellies, another treat was presented = A party bag!  It must be a good 20 years since Ive received a party bag and I was rather excited!  Inside was some lovely photos, postcard and jam which was enjoyed next day with a bagel.


I had a beautiful evening with inventive stunning food, lovely company and service, time with friends and a treat to take home.  The added bonus of this was it was a Friday night, a perfect night to get out but to a cosy, friendly relaxing venue = Wendys house!

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