♥ Adventures – Surprise Dinner at The French

Ive had a lovely week off work this week and got a super surprise on Tuesday 9th July. Bertie took me for cocktails and then to the French, excited was not the word when we got in the taxi then pulled up to the Midland 🙂


Bertie and I had been to L’enclume last year and had such an experience when the French opened in February 2013 Manchester Ive been keen to visit and we were not disappointed.

After being greeted by the lovely Kamilla, who looked after us at L’enclume we were shown to our table and a chance to eye up the  accomplished decor and decorations.







 The green walls, original features, stunning chandelier, simple table decor and unusual flower decorations complemented each other beautifully.  It was lovely to know this was another Simon Rogan dinning room with the same tables, table mats and settings as in L’enclume, bringing back lovely thoughts from out previous visit.

We had a glass of sparkling white wine to start and were greeted with kindness by the staff.

Before going onto the main event, thought could you tell you a bit more about Simon Rogan and The French.  Simon uses local ingredients grown on his farm near L’enclume Cartmel in his dishes and they are creative, seasonal and inventive, all which excite an imaginative eater.  The French opened in Manchester in 1903 and since then has been host to many accomplished chefs.

To start, a selection of snacks, I wish I wrote down what each one was but unfortunetly I was distracted.



I do remember this snack was covered with onion ash which was delicious!


Then onto the bread,nom nom nom.


To start the main meal, Course 1 of 6 was the  boiled soil, onions, truffle and leaks.  This course came with the onion broth in a little pot which was poured at the table.


The onion broth was stunning.

Ox in coal oil, pumpkin seed, kohlrabi and sunflower shoots


Asparagus with crevettes,watercress and duck skin


Pollock fillet with buckwheat, radishes, sea beat and smoked roe butter.  This one was my favourite, the Pollock was beautiful and well complimented with the smoked roe butter. Simple yet stunning.


Reg’s chicken, kale, turnip and offal


We opted for the cheese course which was lovely and smelly.


Pear, meadowsweet and Rye, buttermilk and seeds.  This dessert was beautiful, sweet pear just melted. Mmmmm I could eat this again and again and again.


After dinner we took a small stroll to a taxi and then home for a lie down with very happy tummies and satisfied imaginations .

With a menu so diverse in terms of techniques of cooking you will always have your favourites and things your not too keen.  This is no diservice to the chef but a reflection on palates and personal taste.  If your like me tasting is all part of the experience and when you taste that combination of ingredients that make you feel warm and gooey inside , you hit the jackpot.  For me the Pollock was that dish, closely followed by the Pear dessert.

Had a trutly lovely evening and compliments to the Staff at the French and to Simon Rogan. Cant wait to try the new menu which Kamilla informed us will be launching this week.



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