♥ Adventures – MCR Craft and design centre

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

One of favourite places to go in Manchester is the Craft and Design Centre.  Made up of twenty or so little studios with independent designers selling prints, jewellery, greeting cards, textile designs and more set in a stunning two storey victorian building.


My personal favourite is Studio 23. Calico Angel at Holm where you can find lovely textile designs by Susan Kane.


Sure over the years my house will fill up with a few more designs from Calico Angel at Holm.!

The Centre is tucked in behind the Nortern Quarter.  Its a lovely relaxing quiet space which is unusual for Manchester city centre.  There is the lovely Oak Street Cafe which does a range of cakes, toasties, flatbreads, pizzas, salads and delicious drinks including some homemade lemonade.





Would eat here every day if I could.

We got  a lovely table outside to enjoy our homemade lemonade and diet coke.  Then had a feta, rocket, caramelised red onions and mango chutney flatbread and Bert had a cheese and tomato pizza. Delicious, nom nom nom.


Find more info about the Craft and Design Centre here http://www.craftanddesign.com/



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