Rhubarb and Custard Teacake xxx

  Rhubarb and Custard Tea Cake

Rhubarb and Custard Tea Cake

This is a stunning tasting cake and lovely to make, I especially liked the pattern of rhubarb on the cake before baking.
The original recipe was from another blog, I would love to take the credit but unfortunately not!  Its a lovely blog and The URL is http://eatlittlebird.com/2012/03/24/rhubarb-custard-tea-cake/ and original recipe in The Cake Stall by Australian Women’s Weekly .
I love to summarise my recipes and keep them as simple as possible ! Baking can be for everyone the secret is to be organised 🙂
smeg                   IMG_2292          IMAG2405IMAG2404
240g butter room temp                          165g caster sugar                              4 fresh rhubarb stalks
2 eggs at room temp                                185g plain flour                                2 teaspoons vanilla extract
250ml milk                                               2 teaspoons baking powder           60g Custard Powder
                                                                     4 teaspoon granulated sugar
Okay once you have measured all your ingredients its time to bake!
Custard = Mix 20g custard powder + 55g caster sugar + whisk in milk + bring to boil
When starts to thicken take off heat + 20g butter + 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
The custard should be thick and will thicken more on cooling
Cover with cling film directly onto top of custard to prevent skin forming + leave to cool
Preheat oven 180 degrees
Cream rest of butter + caster sugar
Beat 1 egg at a time + tablespoon of flour = ingedients come together
+ custard powder + baking powder + remaining flour + mix well = thick batter but should be spreadable
Line 20cm / 8inch cake tin
Spread half batter in cake tin + custard
+ remaining cake batter and spread evenly
Chop rhubarb to 10 cm lengths and 1 cm thick
Arrange like ⇊
Brush top with melted butter + sprinkle with granulated sugar
Bake 90 mins
Remove cake from tin + cool on wire rack
And enjoy 🙂
If you have any questions about the bake just get it touch!
I took this one into work, and it didn’t last long 🙂 xxx

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