Miami Spring Break 🙌 🌴 🍣 🍡 🍧

ABM_1461357837-1 Screenshot_2016-03-30-17-55-32_1 Screenshot_2016-03-31-11-34-55_1

Few weeks ago I was lucky to travel to Miami for a little break 🙌  Have been snowed under with studying for work exams, jumped at the chance for a break with my partner in Miami! After all its so important to look after your physical and mental health when undertaking a lot of studying, thats something Ive definitely learnt over the years!  

En route we picked up a plane picnic = 3 course meal in a handy carrier = Gordon Ramsey at heathrow Plane Food  Great way to pass the time on the flight with a double munch and mmmm that tart! (top right)

Had heard a few things about Miami before going——–> beaches, pool parties and the legendary spring break! What I found was much more……………….. What first got my attention was driving along the causeway roads connecting downtown to the south beach with the endless skyline of shiny sun kissed buildings that I promise you could not see the end to.  The road paralleled the water and found driving along side jet ski’s setting the perfect scene for hitting southbeach!

Screenshot_2016-03-30-17-13-00_1 Screenshot_2016-03-28-22-15-28_1


The art deco in South Beach was a pastel geometric heaven! I stopped for pancakes on the beachfront whilst watching the wind play havoc with the palm trees.  Spotted the volleyball courts with electric coral and purple netting, up against the wind sand was a winning combo!  Stopped for some snacks and beautiful Iced Coffees at Italian Bakery Rosetta


   Screenshot_2016-03-30-17-12-07_1-2  Screenshot_2016-03-30-17-00-04_1        Screenshot_2016-03-27-16-25-27_1     Screenshot_2016-03-30-17-09-35_1_1     

What surprised and delighted me next was the vast choice of sushi restaurants 🍜 🍲 🍥 🍣 🍱 🍛 🍙 🍚 🍘 🍢 🍡 🍧 ! We stayed in Doral and was lucky to find one called Dragonfly just opening whilst we were there. We attended their silent opening and could not be more looked after, welcomed by the manager and had about four waiters including the chef taking us dishes throughout the night.  Would highly recommend if travelling to Miami and a sushi fan!


A slight disappointment was the Wywood Walls Art district, area of buildings with graffiti, unfortunately it was more a selfie taking area with very little scope to really check out the art……..Did like the pavement art and some of the graffiti scattered about the area.

 Screenshot_2016-03-28-16-42-25_1  Screenshot_2016-03-28-16-43-11_1

What a Great Spring Break! If you’ve been to Miami would love to hear what you thought and how you got on 🙌

❤@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxx

 All my opinions are my own and I have not been endorsed in any way to write this post.


Popping our D.I.Y Cherry!

Been looking forward to sharing with you our new front room! Last year we were so lucky to buy our first house = finally being able to decorate and make structural changes after years of living in rented accommodation.  As I love crafting, art, baking knew transitioning into interior design and D.I.Y would be a natural progress.

My partner is a dab hand with tools of any sort and did a lot of the restoration work, whilst I followed with paint work and design.  We went for a scandi take on traditional granite victorian housing in Aberdeen.  

Here is the before and afters! 



We sanded all the wooden skirtons, dado rail and fireplace then painted white.  The cornicing was all painted white with two coats, was the toughest job! Log burner and aclove shelving units designed by me and installed by a professional.  We uplifted the carpet, sanded the original floor boards and then painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  


Installed the long shelf above the sofa and filled with various prints. The Walls were left with their original wall paper on and painted over with dulux paints, we had great service from the Dulux decorating centre in Aberdeen, if anyone is thinking of adding some new colour to a room 🙂

Screenshot_2016-02-04-17-29-14_1 aScreenshot_2016-02-04-15-18-25_1

Danish wooden vintage sofa                      Charles eames Chair (Man Corner!)

Screenshot_2016-02-04-15-13-48_1 Screenshot_2016-02-04-15-17-46_1

Prints from Oil and Glass Aberdeen, Curated Stories Aberdeen and Berlin     Clock by Leff, Jars from boconcept, wooden letters from hobby craft   

Screenshot_2016-02-04-15-16-47_1 Screenshot_2016-02-04-17-28-55_1 

Home by Zara Home+ Wire basket by Ferm Living  Ferm living and Bloomingville cushions


 Sooo happy with the end result ! Bathroom next!

Would love to hear about your DIY adventures.

♥@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxxx


**Disclosure** I was not endorsed in any way by writing this post by the brands mentioned above and all opinions are my own.x

Why is Failure associated with so many negative connotations?

This is the first truly personal post I have written for Hellofromrosebudannie.  Hope it translates my intentions of sharing an experience with the hope to help others in a similar situation.

Recently I failed an important work exam.  With making it through university with straight passes and securing a training job without difficultly this is the first stumbling block in my career.  When I logged in to see my results and saw the F A I L (yes it was all in capitals :() )I was distraught.  It s a horrible feeling knowing something you have done has been judged not to be good enough.

What to come next I did not expect. I found my confidence in every day life and work decreasing and my questioning of my actions, choices and decisions increasing! 

Whats the best thing to do when you encounter something in life that doesn’t sit well………………….Go hunting on Pinterest for quotes to help 🙂

I found comfort and warmth in these beauties of quotes!



Along with a little bit of time, positive thinking I started to feel better about the situation and viewed it as a opportunity to learn more.  I wondered if by the results column it read “almost there but a little more to learn” or “almost there” I would have felt different due to all the negative connotations of “F A I L” 

If you are being judged to be failing at work, relationships, health or finances I encourage you to look at it another way of just almost being there. You can do it! And you have learnt much more about yourself and character in going via this path that a straight forward track.  I’ve heard and now feel a lot of great things coming from failure and wish you all the best in finding these opportunities amongst the dark!.

I’ve been working a lot harder and re sat my exam last week fingers crossed, should hear in the next few weeks. 



Attention to Detail @LintonAndMac Preview = **Now Open**

Hello! If your new to my blog, hello from rose bud annie 🙂 My posts mainly consist of some adventures, crafting and baking.  My next post is a little outside my normal and will explain why…………

I got an email invite to a new hair salon opening in Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago from the lovely Julia at Fraser Media .  I love typography and the invite definitely caught my eye.

IMG_20150922_093954 IMG_20150922_094103

The invite alternated between the two images which made my screen appear it was having a little dance! How can you resist a dancing party invite!

Linton and Mac is a hair salon with a difference in Aberdeen, the salon itself is all open plan with a styling bar where you can have drinks, nail and make up areas and even a chill out area.  I’m going to let the photos do the talking here as the place looks stunning!


One of the several chairs for your cutting and colouring



Nail bar


Just as you enter the salon, the space opens up , loving the studio lights and exposed piping



Attention to detail throughout the Salon!


Myself and Chantel blogging over at 

The salon has been designed and created by two local hairdressers Jennifer Linton and Joanna Macdonald.  Arriving at the event I was greeted by Julia, and then Jennifer and Joanna who were super friendly and excited for the evening ahead!  


I have a lot of respect for meeting people who are investing in something they believe in and are passionate about. Those vibes definitely came from Jennifer and Joanna.  Think you guys have done a great job in creating the salon and looking forward to visiting for my semi annual hair cut ( bad hair cut attender I am that!)

I do think Linton and Mac has something for everyone, as I wouldn’t classify myself as a particularly regular hairdresser attender however I liked the diversity of styles ranging from grungy to pretty that are on offer at the styling bar and felt excited about attending in the future and trying some things out!

 Linton and Mac is now open, you can find them at 18 Netherkirkgate Aberdeen

Here is a peek at the very affordable price list too if your thinking of popping along!


Be great to hear how you get on if you go! Thanks for a great night and See you soon LintonandMac!

♥Rose_Bud_Annie xxx

**Disclosure – I was not finanically endorsed for writing this post, I did receive a goody bag that consisted of some Windle and Moodie sample products, voucher for a meal at a local restaurant and won two tickets to the Inverurie Beer Fesitval at the event.**

Unique Peek+Shop Jewellery @ Aubeebop+NicoleFerguson Pop Up

Ive recently discovered NEOS North East Open Studio = 10 day festival in Aberdeen and shire where you can visit artist’s and maker’s studios to gain an insight into their practice with the opportunity to purchase some of their work!

Today I visited Aubeebop Jewellery by Aubin Stewart and Nicole Ferguson Jewellery at 13 Hopetoun Grange Aberdeen.  Was little nerve wracking visiting the makers studio as I didn’t know what to expect but Aubin and Nicole couldn’t have been more lovely and welcoming! We chatted about both their journeys into jewellery making, and sourcing of materials for some of their pieces, including sea glass that makes up some of Nicole’s beautiful necklaces. 



Nicole’s sea glass necklaces displayed beautifully in the studio


Aubin and Nicole’s great display of equipment and techniques used in jewellery making


If your looking for a unique shopping experience, with a chance to meet the makers and understand   a bit more about the process in a super cute studio with a cup of tea would definitely recommend popping along.

Find out more information here at Aubin and Nicoles Facebook event page  and their individual sites and

There are lots more studios open to visit over the next week too! All the information is over at

The festival runs till Monday 21st September, be great to know of your finds if you manage to make it along to any of the studios!xxxx


Disclosure – All the views are my own and wrote my post after enjoying and wanting to share my visit.  I was not endorsed in any way for writing this post.

Kings Landing Adventures!

This year I planned a trip to Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia with six of my friends. Wow what a holiday, was spoilt for company, scenery, food, cocktails, laughing and the sun! We went as we are all having a big birthday this year and after the holiday I am definitely happy about getting older if these are the treats and adventures we inherit!

Here a selection of photos from our trip!


This photo at Soundwave Croatia a festival in tisno sums my whole trip =  so excited I could pop!


Sushi at Poklisar Dubrovnik = beautiful Sashimi and Maki!


Amber on the stunning island of Hvar!


Dinner in Split my beautiful ladies, our friend Fiona met us from Singapore ahhh not seen her in soo long, so great to spend time all together!xx


 Jana water with each bottle having its own motivational quote = “The key to creativity is knowing that my thinking creates my experience.  I use this key in every area of my life” Agreed!


Streets of Kings Landing ( Game of thrones) = Dubronik! 


Kings landing 


Sunset over Fort Bokar Dubrovnik


Behind me is the scene on game of thrones were stanus attacks kings landing! too excitied!


Revelin club in Dubrovnik = A club within the old city walls = yes within the old city walls Aaaaamazing!


Boat Party at Soundwave Croatia



Laura at Split beach


Soundwave at night!


Soundwave Tisno


Seaplane to Hvar


Dinner Split Old Town Mmmmmm the fresh fish was beautiful


Split old town 


En route on our travels!  

Have you visited croatia before? Was so impressed! Would recommend an adventure there if you not been before! Whilst in Split we stayed with a couple called Emil and Dragana found their apartment on air bnb, could not have asked for better hosts and if your looking for a place to stay in Split would recommend =

For our transport to and from soundwave festival we booked through Tom at, had a great service and would use again 🙂

Let me know if your planning a trip if I can help in any way!

Love summer adventures!

@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxx

August – 12 Months of Origami

I’m just back from a beautiful adventure in Croatia!  Went to the Dubrovnik and was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was. Also got to get my game of thrones geek on and inspired by my recent trip decided to make origami dragons for August’s 12 months of origami!

Hahahaha one of my favourite game of thrones inspired phrases “I am not a princess, I am a khalessi!” Sorry to all those not watched or read game of thrones, i appreciated you maybe a little lost at this point.

The Dragons were relatively simple to make, having an initial box fold and then bird fold as the basis.  As in Game of Thrones had to make the 3 Dragons and here they are……..


My first attempt!


My three dragons!

Have you been doing any origami recently?? Have seen some super cute christmas ideas! Cant wait to try those



July – 12 Months of Origami

July has been a tough month at work, with taking on more responsilbilty I’ve found myself searching for strength to take on new challenges.  For July’s 12 months of Origami have therefore picked an animal that is strong in character to make!

The bear has been the most technical I’ve tried so far, took about 30minutes to make, here she is………………..


Now to find her a new home, I think a place on my desk would be Ideal 🙂

@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxx

Glasgow Adventures – Citizen M + Porter&Rye + Artisan Coffee

I looooove a little city break in the UK and since moving back to Aberdeen last year our closest city breaks are Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Few days ago Bert and I took a trip to Glasgow for a night.  Here is what we got up to!


 First port of call ———> Shopping! Love the variety of shops in Glasgow compared to Aberdeen

IMG_20150624_161634 IMG_20150628_180212

 Next was onto Artisan Roast On Gibson Street for coffee and the most delicious vegan blueberry and banana loaf mmmmm.  Was lovely cafe with variety of second hand furniture and locally roasted coffee in Edinburgh.  Got my coffee juices following again and ignited my thoughts for a barista style coffee machine for home.


After coffee we found our way to our hotel Citizen M

IMG_20150624_154231 IMG_20150624_151235 IMG_20150624_181550

Aww what a great hotel! Citizen M offers affordable luxury with compact high spec rooms and great selection of relaxing areas within the hotel bar. And then there is the bed! A super comfy XL – King size bed that fits the whole room, aaaaamazing!

IMG_20150624_195855 IMG_20150624_195913 IMG_20150624_195433 IMG_20150624_195327

After some drinks we have a peek at some local Glasgow food blogs and came across Glasgow food geek, Pam writes the blog lives in West end of Glasgow and loves food!  On her top glasgow restaurants was porter & rye and as soon as we had a peek at their website and menu we were straight onto book a table!

IMG_20150625_173044IMG_20150625_000858 IMG_20150624_211936

Mmm Pam as spot on with her recommendation, we opted for the T bone for two with bone marrow mac n cheese, fries, peppercorn sauce and a garlic butter = NOM. Getting to choose our steak knife was a lovely touch.

IMG_20150625_215304 IMG_20150625_111435

 The morning after the night before! Enjoyed a lovely chilled morning before checking out and heading home! Thanks Citizen M, Artisan Roast, Rye & Porter and The glasgow food geek for her recommendation!

For this post I was not rewarded by any of the companies mentioned and all my opinions are my own.

Until the next city break! ♥@Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxx


Blogger Loveliness at Brunch

On Saturday the lovely Karen @tinybirdheart organised a brunch for local Aberdeen bloggers @ryeandsoda . What a great brunch thanks so much Karen for organising, great to meet other local bloggers 🙂

Wanted to introduce you all to them as some fab blogs varying from lifestyle, travel, fitness, beauty and foodie all being written in Aberdeen!

Untitled 2

All the lovely faces behind the words!

From left to right we have Laura over atIMG_20150614_215623  A 20-something Scot blogging photos, food, mental health, music, occasional travel & anything else that life throws up.

Next up is myself 🙂 @Rose_Bud_Annie 

On my left is the lovely Sarah @sarahrooftops over at IMG_20150614_215654 Telling stories with words and pictures, Sarah has recently become a mum 🙂 Huuuuge congratulations on becoming a mummy 🙂 OmmmmmG Sarah had the best looking chocolate and banana pancakes for brunch huuuge food envy, my mind is already thinking of another trip to @ryeandsoda to try!

IMAG1479_1 Across From Sarah is Amy @amyjaney Fashion/Beauty Blogger & Youtuber. Tea Drinker. Vintage lover. Usually found in the Gym.


Then its Karen @tinybirdheart blogging at IMG_20150614_215749, crafter and vintage lover with a penchant for geekery, nostalgia, movies, Blythe dolls, cooking & all sorts of adventures. Karen has also just become a mumma! Congratulations!

Sitting beside Karen was Christy IMG_20150614_215810@xchristybx A health conscious 20-something blogging about life, breakfast & cocktails (Sometimes together!) over at loving Christy recent food posts about a recent trip to London!

Last but not least was Anastasia @natbeesfashion over at IMG_20150614_215840 Style & Travel Blogger in Scotland who loves marmite on toast // Scottish Blogs UK Top 10 / Ahhh Anastasia’s natbeesfashion just wants me to pack my suitcase and get on holiday ASAP!

Always great to find new blogs to follow, and hope you have found some more today too! 


Blogger selfie! @sarahrooftops @ameyjaney @tinybirdheart and me 🙂


Thanks @ryeandsoda for having us, already planing my trip back for those pancakes with banana and chocolate!

Couldn’t help but share this little seagull I found on my way home hahahahahaha convinced that seagulls secretly rule Aberdeen!  Now they invading the art scene hahahah!


Thanks for reading and visiting 🙂

I was not endorsed or rewarded in any way by @ryeandsoda or any of the bloggers for writing this post and all the views are my own.

♥Rose_Bud_Annie xxxxxxx